African Braid

What We Do

Why is additional hair needed ?

Braids can be made in desired length, density and color, the braid made without the use of additional hair is not permanent. The feature of kanekalon hair provides grip to real hair and does not slip.

Will it damage the hair ?

Additional hair African braids, dreadlocks, cornrows, twist etc. tailored for operations is produced, do not cause any harm to your hair. Under normal conditions, your hair that you apply to the operations of the fund, paint, etc) because of the wear your hair down, because you cannot make knitting do any action might take the opportunity to rest after your hair is healthy you'll notice that when most of your hair weaves.

How to add additional hair?

Professional hair techniques hair Kanekalon without the use of any additional substances are added. If you have an image like the ring binding the mesh at the starting point of the wrong techniques reviewed and does not create a visually pleasing image. Braid made with the right techniques merges with your hair from the bottom and does not look bad when it grows. 

How long is use it ?

The structure of your hair, according to the speed of elongation, the average 1 - 4 may vary between months.

Why is the hair used in African Braids not real ?

Real hair is heavy and slippery, can not hold on to your own hair will not be a permanent result.

Color selection:

The color tones closest to your own hair or your own hair color should be selected , if it makes it appear that it is compatible with your own hair tone mix colors blue , gray , red, etc., you may prefer tones.

What should be hair length ?

The shortest section of your hair need to be 8-10 cm.

How can braids be shaped ?

Half pick , bun , ponytail , rear tie types etc. it's up to your creativity, you can make any model you want.

How many hours does it take?

Time can vary depending on the model to be made, According to the average model with the study of 2 people; Big braid 3 - 6 hour , Standart braid 4 - 6 hour , Small braid 5 - 8 between the hours may vary.

How to wash ?

Foam well with cream-free shampoo, round body fiber. We recommend washing 2 or 3 times a week by buffering the bottoms of the hair with foamed fiber.

Our detailed video on YouTube, lecture 'all about braids African ersin köse' you can reach by typing.

Can I solve it whenever I want?

You can cut and open the ends of the braids from where your own hair is not.

Hair in the dumps?

An average of 50 to 100 strands of hair fall out per day. Shed hair stays in the braid, when you open the braids, the hair that comes out is the ones that have been shed in 3 months.

Who is it suitable for ?

Person if the correct techniques and are considered options that will suit looks good on everyone. For this, the person's facial structure of the lattice length, tone, and color to be made to mesh the model, according to one's own requests will be evaluated and the process is done, looks good on everyone.

Ease of use:

The biggest reason why it is preferred is that it is convenient and does not take time. Did my hair deteriorate during the day? will it break? you don't have these problems. Even if the hair is styled in hot weather in summer, it deteriorates very quickly. Knitting is very advantageous in terms of saving time and guaranteeing no deterioration, Using only shampoo, the braids are washed, you don't have to deal with the processes that normally take your time such as cream, mask, combing, shaping, blow-drying. It is enough to dry and collect the braids.